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a holistic approach
you, your brand & your 
company's development


Create a clear roadmap towards the full

expression of your dharma, your soul calling, & great work on this planet

Activate your passion, clarity, & your inner power, & clarify your contract to the world


Identify all the aspects of yourself that you want to bring forward in this next stage of your life

Clear your field, so the highest frequency of your vibration can come forth

Facilitate the inner transformation required to fully succeed

Provide you the necessary action steps to bring your full gifts to the world



Catalyze your breakthrough brand, company, or products 

Envision & unearth the full potential of your big idea, service, or product

Design & empower the world of your brand; it's language, it's visuals, it's online and social presence.

Build & refine your core business materials 


Build & refine your core business materials 

Develop leading edge platforms


Ashae Sundara  -  Influencer Brand

Gil Oren - Thought Leader

Love Codes - Relationship Coaching Brand

Alkemica - Fashion / LifeStyle Brand


Technology Brand - AT&T   -   Social Learning Platform


Bill and Melinda Gates    -    PlayMaker School Franchise

House of Play  - Family-based play curriculum

Hasbro Transformers   -   Planetary Stewardship 

GameDesk   -   Educational Video Game design and dev

Marvel Avengers - Interactive Science Games

Verizon  -  Interactive Maker Modules

Samsung  -  Educational Tablet Design


Dojo  -  Social Emotional Game

Impact - Political Card Game

Motorola  -  Design Learning Curriculum

Sesame Street Research Council - Market research

Lifestyle Brands, Coaches,

Thought Leaders 


Tech & Impact Companies