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Edgar Bennett

personal / spiritual

Lucien popped me out of decades long depression through his method. He was able to allow me to see how I programmed myself to feel and be a certain way & guided me to go deep into my consciousness & completely reconfigure myself back into the real me. 

Ashae Sundara

full brand suite

Lucien is simply a genius at personal alchemy, at high- end branding, & prosperity realization. His ability to see the depth & true power of who you really are & bring it into form in both language & visuals are unmatched. My brand exploded and my customer acquisition/profit margins tripled over the course of my work with him. 

David Blutenthal

core brand

A magical & profound realization of my core self. 
After every session, I felt enlivened & more clear on how to communicate my truest essence


Lucien has a gift for listening to complex & fuzzy, & reflecting it back with clear & concise distillation. So much of the gold I use in my marketing came from the distillation work.


Our exploration lead to an explosion of insights; a hybrid between deep life coaching & personal branding consultancy. Which I absolutely loved!

Kathena Marie

personal / spiritual

 My sessions felt like a subtle magic that invoked a profound transformation. Lucien met with me in the thick of it. I was feeling disempowered & confused. I was questioning my own power, questioning everything.
He helped me to uncover the true source of my discord & where the self-limiting patterns were stemming from.
His ability to hold space from his powerful soul-seeing nature & curiosity was the birthing of a full transformation. 


Celebrity Package

Lucien is ushering in a new paradigm where uplifters of humanity are seen and revered. My impact and income was exponentially magnified. 

Lucien captures your soul & service and clearly, masterfully, & artfully expresses it in a way where your brand is powerfully felt.


Each session would generate upgrades that inspired my audience deeper into my work. I felt more and more in integrity with my heart and true expression; unconstrained and unlimited.

your LIFE





A Rapid Accelerator for those ready to arrive and thrive in their soul mission and expression, Become comprises a series of alchemical masterworks resulting in quantum leaps in career, life dynamics, and the successful launch/relaunch the most exalted expression of your brand.

I operate as your central guide, agent, & brand magi to reveal the most extraordinary aspects of yourself & bring them forward as an elevated artform in your online presence.






a holistic approach
you, your brand & your 
company's development



Catalyze a breakthrough brand identity in imagery, language, & strategy 

Bring your brand to a level of HIGH ART

Design & empower the world of your brand; it's language, it's visuals, it's online social presence

Build & refine your core business to maximize revenue & life balance 

Develop a leading edge platform for generating the most aligned customers, profit margins, & revenue growth 


Create a clear map towards the fullest expression & greatest fulfillment

Activate your passion & inner power,
& clarify your contract to the world

Receive optimal prosperity
from your innate gifts

Facilitate the inner transformation required to succeed

Clarify the necessary steps to bring your full gifts to the world


Eva Medicina - Therapy and Sacred Arts

O - Prosperity  Coach

Ashae Sundara  -  Influencer Brand

Gil Oren - Thought Leader

Love Codes - Relationship Coaching Brand

Alkemica - Fashion / LifeStyle Brand


Technology Brand - AT&T   -   Social Learning Platform

Bill and Melinda Gates    -    PlayMaker School Franchise

House of Play  - Family-based play curriculum


Hasbro Transformers   -   Planetary Stewardship 

GameDesk   -   Educational Video Game design and dev

Marvel Avengers - Interactive Museum

Verizon  -  Interactive Maker Modules

Samsung  -  Educational Tablet Design


Dojo  -  Social Emotional Game

Politicraft - Political Card Game

Motorola  -  Design Learning Curriculum

Sesame Street Research Council - Market research

Lifestyle Brands, Coaches,

Thought Leaders 


Tech & Impact Companies


Jad Struzal

personal / spiritual

“Lucien told me once, “I don’t like small talk, so lets talk about what matters.” That to me is the essence of his personality and his guidance. He loves what he does and he does what he loves. Being there for and with people. Helping take those that are ready as far as he can to a life better lived with spiritual health, physical health, emotional, financial, all of it. I trust him and I recommend him.

Robyn Ward

personal / spiritual

"Their precision as guides & as  mentors took me to a place I can only express...dimension voyaging into the brighter light within myself."

Brook Alexandria 

brand / social presence

Working with Lucien is a mix of alchemical magic and grounded strategy. He seamlessly moves between the two to weave a picture of your business that is rooted in current social media strategy while staying true to exactly who you are and what you offer. He really is a business and brand wizard. In one session, I went from not sure how I wanted to structure my business to being crystal clear around my future vision. 

Collin Echols

personal / professional

Become is interpersonal & branding mixology operating at a whole new level. Not only does the process have brand strategy & vision dialed, the agency is exceptionally good at helping people move through difficult or "stuck" mental/emotional states. I am in the process of launching and Become has been a Godsend for helping me stay focused, inspired, grounded, and massively elevated in bringing forth my work online. 

Jennifer Medrick

persona work / brand suite

A magician of consciousness and self-realization. This work has helped me elevate my work and services to a level undreamt.





6 weeks

You are taken through a meticulous and powerfully held extraction of your being, your brand, your message, and your medicine to the world.  Get ready for an illuminating, supremely clarifying, and ultimately empowering experience that sets the stage for the next chapter of your brand, your life and your work.

  • Illuminate your Brand Identity 

  • Unearth your essence and most magnetizing message 

  • Customer / Revenue Analysis

  • Persona Mapping     

  • Extraction of Product/Services

  • Product/Platform Ideation 

  • Experience Design

  • Product Feature Design Workshop



Creation of Full Brand/ReBrand Product   2-3 Months

Breathing full life into your vision, Become highlights the most structurally sound and most powerfully magnetizing version of your brand/ product and realizes it fully online.  

  • Full Visual Brand/Rebrand Online    

  •  Brand Aesthetics

  • Photography

  •  Brand Language / Copy 

  • Logo Treatment

  • Video Templating

  • Online Strategy

  • Online / Mobile Platform  

  • Influencer Branding 

  • Messaging 

  • Services launch Support   

  • Revenue Strategy 

  • Brand/Company Deck

  • Product Concept 

  • Core Business Language


Full Co. Dev.  

Prosperity & Large Scale Growth / Full Services Support

6-12 months

Grow your brand into a fully realized hi-revenue scaled enterprise?   Supported through to your highest potential?  Full suite services provide supports to your longer term & highest vision.

Clients who seek to exponentially expand their brand, sales, & reach and who wish to establish large scale customer reach and high profitability should inquire.

Minimal slots available per year.



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